• Bhushi Dam

  • Duke's Nose

  • Valvan Dam

  • Lohagad Fort

  • Karla Caves

Bhushi Dam

This is definitely one of the most exciting sites to visit in Lonavala. This dam has a beautiful waterfall in the vicinity, which is a must see. The surrounding area of the dam has been developed into a beautiful catchment area for tourists to enjoy.

Duke's Nose

Duke's Nose is a cliff here, which has been named after Duke Wellington, as he had a pointed nose, which the cliff resembles. However, it is also known as Nagfani (Hood of Snake), as it also looks like the hood of a snake. Duke's Nose can be easily reached from INS Shivaji and Kurwande Village. Apart from its scenic beauty, it also attracts visitors with its mountain climbing trails.

Valvan Dam

The Valvan Dam is another important tourist attraction here. The catchment area of the dam has been converted into a lovely picnic spot with a beautiful garden. The dam basically provides water to the Khopoli power station, in order to generate electricity.

Lohagad Fort

The Lohagad Fort of Lonavala was the battleground of the Maratha warrior, Shivaji. From here, you can get a lovely view of the lush green surrounding hills and the steep valleys.

Karla Caves

The Karla caves are an important historic Buddhist site that were built around 2-3rd century BC. The cave shrines are popular among all tourists and are visited by everyone who comes to Lonavala.